Oral and Dental Clinical Assistant Program

Oral and Dental Clinical Assistant

Oral and dental clinical assistant helps dentists with all his dental performances

Oral and dental clinical assistant prepares the practice area, excepts the patient and helps dentist during rehabilitation process.

The aim of the programme is to educate a respectible, qualified, modern individuals that can work at private or public area which meet the needs of our country.

Program gives the students undergraduate licence, and they are called oral ant dental clinical assistant. The graduated may only work with a dentist at clinics, policlinics or hospitals.

Mission Deficion Oral and Dental Clinical Assistant

Oral and dental clinical assistants are graduated from School of Helth Vocational. They help to dentist about patient diagnosis and treatment. They prepare dental equipment ready according to treatment protocol.

  1. They are responsible from sterilisation and disinfection of dental units and they prepare the units for diagnosis and any other intervention
  2. Sterilization, disinfection and cleaning of dental materials
  3. Prepares the treatment equipments. Make the patient ready for treatment anter acception
  4. Responsible from, storage, distribution and control of dental materials
  5. Helps dentists about conservative dentistry
  6. Helps dentists for comunication with dental technician
  7. Is the part of four-handed study at dentistry


Hacettepe Universty Vocational School of Health Services
06100 Sıhhiye- Ankara