First and Emergency aid

The aim of this program is to educate First and Emergency Aid Technician s who can give treatment and care service at first sight during an illness or accident and transport the patient or the injured person with an equipped ambulance to the hospital.

Associate of science diploma and Health Technician (First and Emergency Aid) degree is given to those who have completed this program.

The education period is two years at associate of science level.

In addition to theoretical and practical classes, students perform practices in the emergency department and 112 ambulances.

A student who wants to be a first and emergency aid technician, should have an interest in science , especially in biology ; should be willing to help sick and weak people, should be bodily healthy and strong, should be able to take decisions quickly and accurately; should be careful and stay calm ; should have a strong sense of responsibility; and finally, should have well- developed communication skills to be able to communicate well with others.

First and emergency aid technicians can work at universities, at the emergency services of government hospitals and private health organizations; and at the emergency units of various workplaces .


Since there are emergency care and triage branches both in the field and at the emergency units of hospitals, and few universities offer such a vocational education under a limited quaota, graduates can find jobs with no difficulty at all and carry out their professions in line with the regulations of the Paramedic and Ambulance Commission.


A First and Emergency Aid technician is a member of health profession who has graduated from schools in which associate of science degree in first and emergency aid is offered and who is responsible for the emergency assistance or first aid and emergency care applied to the patients and the injured; who can perform rescue, basic and advanced life support applications while providing access to health centers and who is responsible for keeping the equipment for use and ready to use the equipment for the purpose.


On condition that their activities are limited with emergency first aid and emergency medical services, first and emergency aid technicians can perform emergency medical services and intervene a patient if they have completed certified training programs identified by the Ministry.

First aid and emergency technicians can work as health care providers at patient transport ambulances , as call handling staff at command and control centers, and as emergency medical personnel at hospital emergency services. They can also serve as ambulance drivers ( after training of safe driving ) when needed.

The responbilities of first and emergency aid technician's are ;

  • to perform peripheral venous and to attempt introsseoz
  • to use emergency drugs and fluids until reaching the hospital
  • to make oxygen application
  • to practice advanced airway applications
  • to perform advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support
  • to know and apply the appropriate handling techniques
  • to provide stabilization in fracture, dislocation and sprains
  • to perform wound closure and to control simple bleeding
  • to assist emergency birth action
  • to use communication network correctly and quickly in all phases of work
  • to keep the ambulance ready for use concerning technical and medical equipment supplies
  • to perform task-related correspondence, reporting, filing, archiving and statistical studies related to work.
  • Program Academic Staff
    Head of Program
    Instructor Mehmet Mahir KUNT MD
    Program Consultant
    Instructor: Melahat SAYLAM PhD


HHacettepe Universty Vocational School of Health Services
06100 Sıhhiye- Ankara