Dental Prothetics Technology
Prosthetic dentistry is the science and profession that rehabititates the missing function and aesthetics at the area of missing teeth or tissue. Clinical and scientific responsibility belongs to dentist, laboratory processes to dental technician. The part of dental technician is very high at a well planned and fabricated prosthesis.

The function of the dental technician graduated from dental technology school is to fabricate the laboratory processes of fixed partial, removable partial and implant overdenture prosthesis according to dentist's recommendations.

Takes dental technician profession which is undergraduate license degree

Our graduates may work in prosthetic and orthodontic laboratories of hospitals of medical ministerial, and the faculties of dentistry or at private business.


Graduates from school of dental technology which is an undergraduate school. They are the part of a profession who fabricate removable partial, fixed partial and maxillofacial prosthesis to reestablish lost function and aesthetics with the directions of dentist's plan.

  • Equip dental model from negative impressions
  • Make modelation (wax model), casting, finishing and polishing proscedures of a metal ceramic restoration and also porcelain build-ups with sintering of ceramics on dental model
  • Fabricate removable partial and complete dentures with modelation, flasking acrylic polymerization stages from negative molds of impressions.
  • Maintain the laboratory stages on ceramic crowbs usin PC technology
  • Fabricates obturators and splints.
  • Repair the removable and fixed partial dentures
  • Fabricate removable orthodontic appliances
  • Maintain the control and fixing of materials and machin

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