Purpose Of The Program:

is to train qualified graduates who apply neurophysiological evaluation approaches under supervision of neurology/electroneurophysiology specialist. Graduates can work in private or public hospitals or in medical centers.


Electroneurophysiology technican title is given to graduates.


Work Facilities:

Graduates can work at electromyography, electroencephelography, evoked potentials, Intraoperative monnitorisation and sleep units of private and public hospitals.



Job Description Of Electroneurophysiology Technican:

electroneurophysiology technican is the graduate of two years Vocational School Of Health Services and asist the neurology specialist.



  • Prepare the materials for application
  • Perform electroencephalography
  • Follow the patient during applicaton and contact the doctor when required for patients health
  • Apply ENG
  • Use polysomnography
  • Apply evoked potantials
  • Apply visual potentials
  • Apply sensory potentials
  • Record the data of applications
  • Control and perform the necessary requirements related with the equipment and request assistance from the biomedical unit
  • Prepare the purchasing list for materials required for applications.
  • Participate the quality management and accreditation studies of the workplace.


Hacettepe Universty Vocational School of Health Services
06100 Sıhhiye- Ankara