Radiotherapy Programme


Cancer is an important health problem in our country and the radiotherapy is one of the main modalities in cancer treatment . Relative to population size number of radiotherapy machines and technology is not adequate in our country. According to government's health policy, number of high tecnological machines are aimed to be increased in the near future. Besides significant improvement in radiotherapy tecnology has been achieved in recent years and the need of more technicians who are able to use this high technology machines is becoming more marked, and it is evident this requirement will gradually increase . Our university's radiation oncology department is globally competitive with current teaching staff and technical equipment, therefore is the premier institution in our country to give this education.

The purpose of the programme is to train high quality personnel who are able to help radiation oncology doctors and suitable to work at radiation oncology centers.

Associate degree diploma and radiation therapist title will be given to whom succesfully complete the programme

Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services Radiotherapy Programme Attendance Conditions:

The students are required to be graduated from Vocational High Schools ( Radiology or Radiotherapy), agile, psychologically and physically normal, taller than 1meter and 65 cm for males and 1 meter and 60 cm for females, have a weight in kilograms of maximum five more or minimum fifteen less than the last two digits of their height in centimeters and also have enough physical capacity to carry the patient with a fellow team member.

Radiation Therapist Duty Definition

Radiation therapist is a member of healthcare team who is graduated from vocational schools giving associate degree on radiotherapy, helps radiation oncology doctors and is able to use high technology radiotherapy machines


  • Providing immobilization of the patient ( moulding thermoplastic head mask)
  • Preparing all types of customized shielding blocs (automatically or manually)
  • Determination of treatments areas ( simulation)
  • Setting the treatment position ( set- up)
  • Developing the films ( simulation and port) in darkroom
  • The care of the machines in dark room
  • Use of the automatic developing equipments
  • Starting up and using all types of radiotherapy machines
  • Registering and holding records of the patients
  • Preparing all kinds of necessary materials for the patients who will be irradiated.
  • Giving irradiation and keep the patient under control during treatment
  • Basic servicing and repairing of the machines that he uses


Hacettepe Universty Vocational School of Health Services
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