Medical Documentatıon And Secretariyship Program


The Aim of Program

To teach medical secretaries who have been needed health organization and companies in the area of the medical documentation and secretaryship.


After the end of the program, the title of “health tecnician” (medical secretary) is given according to the rules of YOK (27.07.1992 date and 92.26.698 numbered decision)

Mission Introduction of Medical Documentation and Secretaryship

Medical secretary is graduated from act on the branch of medical documentation and secretaryship programs; and health services professional about all patient records, archiving, coding by ICD, writing and cummunication during the process which is the begining of a patient signing to the discharge from the hospita

Mission- Authority and Responsibilities

  • Setting the patient scheduling
  • Patient admission process
  • To inform the patient about organization process and medical services.
  • Saving all medical records.
  • Executes the communication and corresponding between managerial and medical departments.
  • Archiving patient files and the other reports and documents according to scientific methods and service.
  • Coding all diseases and the related health problems according to ICD (international classification of deseases) system.
  • Collect and analyze medical data and report results periodicly.

Acquired Skills

Speaking, listening, dressing, protocol rules, motivation, stress management, working with manager, efficient diction, Tecnics of filing and archiving, coding with ICD 10 classification system.

Gain skills on writing official correspondence, formal mails, business papers etc.

And also as a requirement of the profession; during two years they take computer course (182 hours) and ten-finger typing techniques course (156 hours). As a result of all these courses, the graduates acquire computer using skills and 10 finger typing (without viewing monitor and as well as speaking speed correctly). Additionally as a requirement of these courses, they will have the knowledge and skills about designing graphics, setting, imagining.



The graduates work at public or private health organizations,medical departmants like the clinics, outpatient clinics, labs, operation rooms, emergency services. Moreover managerial departmants; health commision, patient office, archive etc.

In parallel with health services developments, the needs of this program graduates will raise gradually in public and private sector. Also there are wide job opportunities for graduates.


Vertical Transition Opportinuties

There is a vertical transition opportinuties to Universities':

The office management, secretarial teacher and management of health-care institutions



Hacettepe Universty Vocational School of Health Services
06100 Sıhhiye- Ankara